Buying CRM Software is Like Buying a Car

Mark J

Updated · Dec 01, 2010

Yesterday CRM buying was like
choosing a garden hose, but today this Forbes Blog article says it is really more like buying a car. The comparison: when you're buying a new CRM system, just like when you're buying a new car, it's not about what you want
— it's about where you are in your life.

“Like a car, an in-house CRM application will get you to the same destination as a hosted application. But some of their features may be more appealing. You only pay one time, instead of every month so the long term the investment is less. You have the data inside your company in case you're concerned about security or subject to privacy laws. You have more control over your data, rather than handing it over to a third party. In many cases, integration with other in-house systems is more easily accomplished. This is why so many of our clients choose an in-house CRM system over a cloud based application.”

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