Can OpenBravo Compete with ERP Mega Vendors?

Mark J

Updated · Mar 08, 2011

On the one hand we have the mega vendors with proprietary technology. On the other hand we have millions of developers who love open source. As mentioned in this ZDNet Blog, in the business world, buyers of enterprise software like the idea of a single throat to choke, or at least a few throats. They don’t like the notion of having to find a throat that can be choked.

“Millions of developers will likely say that open source provides the best way of ensuring that new software releases really are up to snuff, have been destruction tested and contain the best features possible.

“The real paradox lays in the fact the Internet (mostly) runs on the open source LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.) Purists will argue that MySQL no longer qualifies since it was taken under Oracle’s umbrella but that’s another story. Surprise surprise – when it suits them, software vendors are not shy of taking open source and using it where it makes sense. Not that you’ll get too many of them crowing about it. But at heart, the proprietary software vendors want to corral customers. It keeps customers tied to a long tail of maintenance revenue.”

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