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Updated · Aug 15, 2001

Mortgagebot, an online lending service, will utilize the live chat and e-mail solutions of InstantServiceTM to enhance customer satisfaction.

While Mortgagebot already has these interactive customer relationship management (CRM) tools in place, InstantService will bring expanded functionality and easy integration at a competitive price. Superior customer service is critical to Mortgagebot, whose service was built exclusively for the Internet, without an offline component.

According to Scott Happ, president of Mortgagebot, “Mortgagebot has been familiar with chat technology and its benefits for quite a while.” Happ added, “We found that InstantService provided the enhanced functionality we were seeking for our customers. In addition, InstantService’s pricing for their online customer service and support offering was substantially less than the previous chat service we had tried. With InstantService, we win on price and functionality.”

Seattle-based InstantService provides an array of CRM tools that include chat, collaboration, e-mail, FAQ, voice and enhancement solutions. InstantService’s ASP model eliminates the need for companies to purchase, install and maintain onsite hardware or software and pricing is scalable and billed upon usage. Says Mike Lande, CEO of InstantService of Mortgagebot’s CRM choice, “Their selection of InstantService for customer service and support technology represents a very powerful endorsement of our product in the financial services vertical.”

Mortgagebot joins InstantService’s roster of global clients which include: Sento, DiTech, GMAC, GE, Sundance, and Venus Swimwear. InstantService is in use on over 600 sites that average up to 50,000 chat minutes per day.

Mortgagebot is an affiliate of the Marshall & Ilsley Corporation, a diversified bank holding company founded in 1847 which operates over 250 bank branches and has more than $24 billion in assets. Mortgagebot allows for 24/7 online service and access to mortgage banking experience with leading edge technology to create low risk, turnkey and comprehensive Internet solutions for mortgage lenders nationwide.

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