Choose the Right ERP System and Software Vendor

Mark J

Updated · Feb 04, 2011

Before committing to an ERP software solution and a vendor you must first recognize the challenges that implementing an ERP system into your organization. Jaclyn Allard, TMCnet, recommends that an organization cover all the bases before buying an ERP software solution in 2011. The aim of ERP software is to deliver tangible business benefits: cost reduction, productivity improvement and measurable
bottom-line results.

“Michael Krigsman, president and CEO of Asuret, a consulting firm focused on helping companies improve the outcome of IT projects, told PC Magazine that he prefers to use the more ominous metaphor of “the Devil's Triangle” to describe the three-fold factors – customers, vendors and implementation teams – in large, problematic implementations. He also told the magazine he sees no quick and easy answer. “There is no magic bullet,” noted Krigsman. “The magic bullet is to change human nature, to make us wise and all-seeing.” So be practical and implement the following checklist before implementing an ERP system and software solution.”

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