Chordiant and Verbind Join to Prevent Customer Attrition

Robyn Greenspan

Updated · Mar 14, 2001

CUPERTINO, CA–Chordiant Software is teaming up with Verbind, Inc. to co-market LifeTime. — Verbinds real-time behavioral targeting system. Chordiant, a provider of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for companies with extreme consumer demands, plans to integrate LifeTime into it’s Unified CRM Solution.

Verbind’s patented technology for LifeTime enables companies to examine sequential customer behavior in an effort to detect attrition and improve cross-selling and up-selling. The product allows companies to quickly identify customer defection so they can implement changes to inspire retention.

Sam Spadafora, CEO for Chordiant Software says, “Our intention is to offer methods to better understand customer behavior and ultimately deliver timely and relevant communication with all customers based on individual behavior patterns.” He also states, “By combining Verbind’s attrition management solution with our unified CRM offering, customers will be able to create a more holistic view of their customers.”

Verbind’s unique behavioral targeting system coupled with Chordiant’s Unified CRM Solution will enable a real-time, single view environment of the customer and allow for the development of individually targeted marketing campaigns based on customer interaction and behaviors. Verbind and Chordiant’s combined effort is to provide increased functionality while monitoring data that identifies potentially outbound customers. The end result will be to interact with customers in a more personalized manner while implementing retention campaigns.

“Our partnership with Chordiant Software strongly reinforces our strategy of providing real-time behavioral targeting solutions that complement and greatly enrich a company’s existing CRM investments,” said Huib Geerlings, Founder and CTO of Verbind. “Today’s announcement demonstrates a strong commitment by both companies to exploit the rapidly emerging generation of real-time, behavior-based customer management technologies to provide customers with unprecedented levels of personalized service and support.”

Verbind of Lexington, Massachusetts, is the leading supplier of customer behavioral targeting solutions that drive personalized dialogues from a comprehensive, unified and actionable customer context. Verbind’s real-time solutions synthesize offline and online customer interactions, monitor activity and non-activity, and trigger messages when they are most relevant.

Cupertino, California-based Chordiant delivers a unified CRM solution for companies with extreme customer demands. Chordiant’s solution is designed to solve the needs of complex businesses serving millions of individual customers with the objectives of retaining, growing and building

Robyn Greenspan
Robyn Greenspan

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