Citrix, Software FX Partner for Business Intelligence

Mark J

Updated · Jun 01, 2010

Software FX recently announced that it is partnering with Citrix Systems to deliver a business intelligence solution for smartphones. According to this report on SD Times, PowerGadgets Mobile displays information on Android, Apple, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices by leveraging Citrix’s virtualization technology.

“It works by integrating Software FX’s presentation controls with Citrix XenApp on the server-side, and it uses Citrix’s Receiver desktop virtualization software to stream business intelligence dashboards to devices. A design tool is provided for authoring dashboards.

“The PowerGadgets server component accommodates the smallest form factor on the phone to make dashboards appear to be native applications, said Software FX cofounder and president Rene Garcia. Management and security are left to XenApp, he added.

Read the Full Story at SD Times

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