Claraview Expands Business Intelligence Offering

Mark J

Updated · Feb 16, 2011

In a press release presented on the company's website, Claraview has announced the expansion of its
business intelligence (BI) service offerings with the addition of Geospatial Business Intelligence (GBI) services. Companies have the ability to directly incorporate geospatial analytics with data that the company already possesses within its data warehouse, allowing for more informed decision making with Claraview's GBI solutions.

“'With Claraview's GBI services and our industry-specific expertise, we offer companies a compelling solution that provides new business insight by incorporating location information and analytics directly with an existing data warehouse, BI applications, and visualization tools,' said Dan Ross, Managing Partner. ‘We have crafted our GBI solutions for organizations that may be just getting started with geospatial analytics as well as for companies that already have a GIS in production and wish to extend it with information in their data warehouse.'”

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