ClickSquared to Support Jaspersoft Business Intelligence

Mark J

Updated · Jan 25, 2011

Email and cross-channel database marketing solution provider, ClickSquared, has announced the selection of Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. As note din this release on PR Web, ClickSquare plans to embed Jaspersoft Business Intelligence into its on-demand cross-channel marketing platform.

“Jaspersoft’s commercial open source software allows for code-level integration with ClickSquared’s SaaS marketing platform, giving ClickSquared’s clients powerful ad hoc reporting and data analysis capabilities. And since Jaspersoft’s multi-tenant design and metadata construct mirror ClickSquared’s own on-demand architecture, ClickSquared is able create a seamless user experience for its marketing users — allowing marketers to explore customer profile, behavior and campaign response data, make discoveries, and immediately create campaigns to communicate to the identified customer segments.”

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