CNP Builds Social Customer Service Portal with Joomla

Mark J

Updated · Mar 31, 2011

CNP Integrations has introduced a new customer service portal built with Joomla! CMS. supplements the Joomla! CMS to offer strong SocialCRM by amalgamating CMS/ERP/CRM engine of info@hand. As note din the news release, this new socially aware platform of CNP allows clients to privately access their account related information, support case submission and billing transactions.

“CNP has a proven track record and hands on experience deploying and configuring these systems for practical business use cases at a fraction of the cost found with most enterprise systems. In addition to providing support services, CNP uses the info@handCRBM platform for all of its account management and has taken a bold step to open this new Joomla! CMS based customer community to a fully collaborative social centric environment. ‘We wanted our customers to be able to communicate effectively from a central place not only with us but with each other. Our customers all use a common technology platform (Joomla! CMS) and this approach allows them learn from each other while building a greater collective knowledge base. We are confident this approach will benefit our customers by offering shared information that could help them either use their online tools more effectively or to make better informed business decisions in the process. Social Networks like Linkedin and Facebook have paved a new paradigm for how business are going to communicate in the future so we want to lead by example with the very tools and solution we support.' says Christopher Nielsen CEO/General manager for CNP Integrations.”

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