Cognos and lebensart technology Cater to Hospitality Industry

Debra A.

Updated · Apr 30, 2001

Cognos (Nasdaq: COGN), a leading business intelligence company, and lebensart technology, a provider of customer delivery solutions, announced Monday (April 30) that they have partnered to cater to businesses in the hospitality industry.

The alliance will integrate Cognos business intelligence and the Cognos user interface with lebensart technology's, SMART System, a system that identifies and maximizes opportunities in customer relationships.

Arizona-based lebensart technology provides the hospitality and tourism industry with ASP-based customer centric solutions which increase return-on-investment, customer acquisition, and response rates. Combined with the SMART System, customers will be able to leverage Cognos business intelligence to run sophisticated multidimensional analysis and reporting on complex data relationships. With this enhanced functionality, lebensart technology customers can significantly increase their marketing intelligence, to build more targeted electronic marketing programs that maximize customer loyalty and marketing efficiencies.

The SMART System enables lebensart technology's customers the ability to identify and market back to their most profitable revenue sources. Enhanced with Cognos business intelligence, lebensart technology's clients will be able to drill down even further, gaining unprecedented insight into customer behavior patterns and preferences.

“Our relationship with Cognos allows us to provide an even better, more effective marketing tool for our clients,” said Olaf Tennhardt, CEO of lebensart technology. “We know that good, usable customer data is critical in the hospitality industry, allowing our customers to anticipate their guests' needs. We were looking for a partner that could provide enhanced functionality for deeper multidimensional analysis – we found that in Cognos.”

The enhanced SMART System will include Cognos' OLAP, reporting and visualization solutions which will deliver high-impact, multi-metric presentations of critical business data to lebensart technology customers. The integrated CDS (Customer Delivery Solution) will provide customers with instant access to automated, multidimensional reports on customer data via the Web, allowing them to aggressively pursue profitable and immediate marketing opportunities.

“By integrating Cognos business intelligence with lebensart technology's SMART System, users are not only able to gather critical customer intelligence, but are empowered to delve deep into that data and extract key insights about individual customers,” said Ben Plummer, vice president of marketing for Cognos. “It is this high level of perception that will continue to create new opportunities that will maximize customer relationships and ultimately drive business forward.”

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., with satellite offices around the world, lebensart technology provides a wide range of customer delivery solutions that encompass the realm of customer relationship management (CRM). The company's innovative customer delivery solution called the SMART System is a full lifecycle, customer centric tool, that helps companies acknowledge and anticipate the needs of their customers then provides the opportunity for personalized communications.

Founded in 1969, Cognos does business with 17,000 customers in more than 100 countries around the world. Cognos business intelligence solutions and services are also available from more than 3000 worldwide partners and resellers.

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