CollabNet VersionOne Updates Enterprise Application Development Suites

Sean Michael

Updated · May 21, 2018

CollabNet VersionOne has updated four of its enterprise application development and management suites as part of the company's Spring 2018 update.

CollabNet and VersionOne merged in August 2017, bringing together the enterprise application development portfolios of the two companies. The updated suites include VersionOne® Lifecycle, Continuum, TeamForge SCM and TeamForge.

“Highly integrated agile and DevOps solutions deliver business value and empower teams to do their finest work,”Flint Brenton, president and CEO at CollabNet VersionOne, said. “CollabNet and VersionOne share a vision that Agile and DevOps are interconnected practices managed with a single mindset through a fully integrated, flexible and governed value stream.”

The Lifecycle product come from the VersionOne portfolio and provides agile management and planning capabilities for software development teams. The Spring 18 update enhancement in the Lifecyle offering improved usability for dragging and dropping development milestones.

VersionOne Continuum provides continuous delivery for enterprise application development. Among the new features in the Spring 18 update is enhanced configuration in version control systems.

TeamForge SCM comes from the CollabNet portfrolio, providing source control management (SCM). While CollabNet was originally best known for its enterprise supported Subversion SCM, TeamForge SCM supports both Subversion and Git version control systems. Enhancements in the Spring 18 update for TeamForge SCM include co-authors support and improved code reviewer suggestions.

TeamForge ALM provides application lifecycle management and now benefits from several improvements including multiple LDAP authentication support, Webhooks support for tracker artifacts and delivery pipeline view in TeamForge (via Continuum).

“All of CollabNet VersionOne solutions are built specifically to enable customers to deliver better software faster — and ensure compliance, governance and IP security,” Flint Brenton, president and CEO at CollabNet VersionOne, said. “We do this by building software development solutions that unify agile and DevOps, which allow enterprises to have effective teams and optimal processes while using best-of-breed tools.”

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at EnterpriseAppsToday and Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

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