Consona Debuts Customer CRM Help Blogs

Mark J

Updated · May 11, 2010

Consona Corporation has announced today the debut of two new blogs. In the company’s news release, the blogs are described as informative resources on digital service providers’ (DSPs) self-care systems and Consona’s support and education departments, not only keep readers abreast of hot topics, but also to engage Consona CRM customers in open communication.

“In the ‘Support and Education Blog,’ Vice President of Support and Education for Consona’s CRM products Laurel Poertner keeps customers and interested parties informed on internal projects, process changes, technology updates and new initiatives within Consona’s support and education departments. With a focus on the customer experience, Poertner’s first entries have provided insight on Consona’s new Knowledge Centered Support initiative, as well as commentary on Consona’s implementation of its own Knowledge Driven Support suite.”

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