Convert Web Store Visitors to Action Figures

Dan Muse

Updated · Oct 16, 2007

You've spent the Adwords or Adcenter dollars to attract visitors to your site — and it worked. Now what?

Getting people to visit your Web site is the first step, but just the first step. Once visitors get there, you need them to take action. And that action may not be buying a product during that visit. After all, they may be researching but not ready to buy or they may see something they want to recommend to a friend, relative or co-worker. How do you turn a visit into an action?

In this mobile, social, instant world we live in, it's becoming more important that Web sites connect with social consumers by engaging them across applications and devices, which in the end leads to higher conversion rates.

Agendize, which unveiled its service last month at DEMO Fall 07, thinks it has a way to allow you to have better interaction with your customers and, in turn, allow them to interact with their network — whether it's through instant messages, e-mails, mobile phones or social bookmarks such as Facebook, Yahoo! MyWeb and

Agendize lets visitors add your site to bookmarking services.

When visitors want to immediately tell a buddy about your site, Agendize lets them send IMs immediately.

Agendize's click-to-call capability is designed to let customers place a call to you without even picking up the phone.

Agendize's on-demand Web service features Contact Now, Save for Later, Share with Others and Be Reminded options that are designed to initiate contact or transfer site content to dozens of different devices and technologies for later contact online or offline.

Alexandre Rambaud, Agendize's CEO and co-founder, sums up the service succinctly: “It makes it easy for people to remember you and contact you.” He added that creating customer interaction is the challenge for any small business looking to generate online sales. Agendize's self-service “call-to-action” platform is designed to let visitors move information from Web sites, blogs, ads and e-mails onto more than 50 different applications and personal devices.

According to the company, by adding Agendize capabilities to Web sites, ads or e-mails customers can, for example, find a restaurant on their iPhone, IM or text message the site to colleagues, Digg your Web store, make recommendations on Facebook, or even call without having to pick up a phone.

Sound complicated? It isn't, according to Rambaud. He said the service is easy and secure, adding for the service to succeed it has to meet four objectives: “It has to not be intrusive, it has to be embedded on the site, there has to be nothing to download and it can't store any information.”

Each customizable AgendiZeMe call-to-action button takes just a few clicks to set up, Rambaud said, and costs $49 a year. You can customer the Agendize button to fit in with the look or your site or pick from what the company provides.

While the small business service is new, Rambaud said Agendize's platform has been used on Yellow Book USA, Kelly Search and 18 other large directory services.

Dan Muse is executive editor of's Small Business Channel, EarthWeb's Networking Channel and ServerWatch.

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