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Applications of CRM, sales, marketing, business intelligence, customer service, social media and networking, supply chain, and e-commerce software and solutions in the retail industry.

8 CRM Trends and Predictions

The experts say the cloud, AI and in-store capabilities will be important for customer relationship management software this year.

Where Is AI Headed in the Enterprise?

Software vendors including Google, Microsoft and Salesforce are incorporating artificial intelligence in their products. How will companies …

7 Solutions to Boost CRM Performance

On Way to Omni-Channel, Retailers Try Beacons and More

Location-based technologies, mobility and targeted marketing are part of retailers' efforts to become an omni-channel enterprise.

Chief Data Officer Role Continues to Evolve

Chief data officers (CDOs) have come a long way, baby, say CDOs and other experts speaking at the recent MIT CDOIQ Symposium.

Mobile App Eases ATM Field Service

Even with all of the off-the-shelf field service software applications available, sometimes a custom app is the best option for specialized …

Comprehensive Guide to Field Service Software

Field service software is changing as technologies like mobile and IoT impact customer service. Here is what you need to know.

7 Notable Data Visualization Tools

Data visualization tools are a red-hot area of business intelligence. These seven  solutions are on the leading edge of the data …

Hadoop Evolution: What You Need to Know

Hadoop has been hamstrung by complexity, skills shortages and a lack of standardization, but new approaches to using Hadoop are emerging.

6 Mobile CRM Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make

With mobile CRM's ability to help sales people close deals, you want to get it right from the start. Avoid these mistakes as you plan your …

11 Cloud ERP Software Options

Often used for two-tier ERP deployments, cloud ERP software is increasingly popular. Here are 11 cloud ERP vendors that satisfy a variety of …

8 Must-Have Two-Tier ERP Features

Because two-tier ERP deployments are not the same as traditional ERP projects, organizations must consider different factors when evaluating …

6 Ways to Profit from Data Analytics

Sure, data analytics yields insights. But how do you turn those insights into concrete business benefits?

Retailers Not Quite Ready for the Cloud

Retailers are dragging their feet in moving key retail applications to the cloud.

12 Open Source CRM Options

CRM isn't limited to products from Microsoft and Salesforce.com. There are plenty of open source CRM software options as well.

13 Ways to Improve Your Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management experts share tips on supply chain management software and making your supply chain operate more efficiently.

Predictive Analytics Software Buying Guide

Shopping for predictive analytics software? Here are 10 vendors you should know.

Getting Started with Predictive Analytics in 5 Easy Steps

Getting started with predictive analytics can seem daunting. This five-step process will help you understand how to use predictive analytics.

Internet of Things Adds Intelligence to Supply Chain

Companies like Whirlpool and GM are using IoT technologies for smarter supply chains.

Mobile Apps Shaping Customer Service

United Airlines and Home Depot are among companies using mobile apps to improve customer service.