CoreTrac Offers Sales Force Software for Financial Institutions

Mark J

Updated · Jul 28, 2010

CoreTrac has recently introduced CoreTrac Link, a scaled-down sales force automation solution for the operational workflows of community financial institutions. As noted in this news release on Trading Markets, CoreTrac Link is a secure, browser-based, easy-to-use Sales Force Automation solution built specifically for financial institutions. The software offers a range of capabilities that allow financial institutions to never lose track of a referral, lead or pipeline opportunity again, and give them the tools to elevate their sales team's performance while enhancing growth within the communities they serve.

“‘The announcement of CoreTrac Link is very timely for the community banking marketplace. CoreTrac is addressing a major product gap that has existed for decades and summarily served by generic over-the-retail-counter software application up to this point. Banking is a specialized industry, with specialized needs, and it deserves a specialized technology to support the sales force automation and client contact requirements of the industry. No longer will banking organizations be forced to buy one seat at a time or bundles of seats; rather, banks and credit unions will have unlimited user rights at a very affordable price. We're excited to be bringing a much needed change to an industry that has been waiting too long,' said Dan Martin, President of CoreTrac.

Read the Full News Release at Trading Markets

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