Creating a Social CRM Strategy

Mark J

Updated · Oct 12, 2010

Creating a social strategy, according to this article on MyCustomer, is a simple matter of choosing a community, channel, purpose, and business function and then putting it all together. This article discusses each of these four layers within the social CRM strategy.

“On the second layer, business rules, this is where my original model was not so clear as to what was to be included in there. It turns out it was the right approach, as this is the layer where each organisation will change the most. Believe it or not, not everyone has business rules, metrics, data flows, feedback models, and measurement initiatives in place before moving to social CRM. Thus my suggestion of making sure they are all aligned often fell on deaf ears. What I did discover, though, was that the measurement initiatives was the piece that needed more work and deeper understanding – so do a lot of work on which metrics to select, and how to relate them to KPIs. That is the secret to success.”

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