CRM 2011 Watchlist: Best Consultants Discussed

Mark J

Updated · Jan 18, 2011

In this final installment of Paul Greenberg's CRM 2011 Watchlist a number of system integrators (SI) and consultants in the customer relationship management (CRM) industry are noted.
According to Greenberg some of the companies making the top list are Cognizant, Infosys, Capgemini and Accenture.

“Cognizant is perhaps one of the most and the least surprising of the winners in 2011. They won in 2010 largely on the basis of their being perhaps the first of these kinds of companies to publicly declare their support for SCRM – adding an SCRM subpractice to their Customer Solutions Practice (the CSP) and being the only company – still the only one as far as I can tell – with an actual SCRM evangelist, thought leader Prem Kumar, based in India. The CSP is run by an excellent management team led by Peter Grambs and supported by Dileep Srinivasan who are driving 55% annual growth in revenue for the CRM related projects – which are marquee.”

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