CRM ‘Big Wins’ Will Influence Skeptics

David Needle

Updated · Feb 08, 2002

As more enterprises design and install CRM systems, they’re learning that “privacy” must discussed in the same sentence as “customer service.” IT research firm Gartner Inc. says 40% of enterprises already with customer relationship management systems will rethink them with an emphasis on balancing privacy with increasing pressure to support personalization.

Customers are telling companies they want to see why all their data is being gathered, and they will expect the CRM experience to reflect intelligent use of personal data, according to Scott Nelson, vice president for Gartner. “Adequately addressing privacy concerns will be a top business priority. This is going to require rethinking of how information is gathered, how customers can access and control that data and how enterprises can safeguard it from parties that might want it but shouldn’t have it.”

Good news for IT execs trying to get CRM projects funded: In 2002, large-scale CRM successes will be documented. As reports of these “big wins” spread, it will help validate CRM projects and give justification to their funding in the eyes of skeptical management.

Reprinted from CIN.

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