CRM Buying Lessons Learned

Mark J

Updated · Dec 17, 2010

Advice offered in this article on CRM Buyer suggests that before you buy CRM, you need to understand its application in your business. For example, decide how how it will it be used, what specific problem is it being brought in to solve, and before you start asking, “What technology should we use?” you have to understand its role and reason for being.

“If your understanding of your sales, marketing and support issues are vague, you can only make vague requests to address those issues, usually resulting in a poor decision around the technology. However, if you fully understand the problems, investment in technology will not only be justified, but also far more likely to pay off in results.

“Let’s go back the mid-1940s. If someone simply said, ‘We should figure out how artillery shells travel through the air — let’s use technology to do that,’ technologists could take a stab at it. However, without the details of the question — like wind, projectile shape and other elements of the problem that could affect the accuracy of the operation — the results were likely to be poor and the investment would probably be viewed as a waste. Is that much different than what happens in a lot of poorly defined CRM deployments today?”

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