CRM in One Step

Robyn Greenspan

Updated · Nov 16, 2001

CRM in One StepIncreasing emphasis on customer relationship management (CRM) issues necessitates that all e-commerce sites have effective methods for customer satisfaction. Toll-free numbers and quick response e-mail are effective for the shoppers that have a few extra minutes to wait for information but many of your site visitors will prefer self-service solutions.

One StepTM from iPhrase Technologies, Inc. brings integrated self-service enablement to your site through the usage of natural language search and navigation. Powered by the iPhrase Smart Decision Engine, One Step understands context and meaning; interprets misspelled words and typos; accesses both unstructured or structured sources; and searches all data sources through a single interface.

CRM in One Step

The application will even help to clarify customer queries that are vague by offering hints or summaries to the user. Answers can be gleaned from your online FAQ, glossary or any existing Web page. Customized analytical reports evaluate the gaps that can occur between user requests and your knowledgebase, allowing for correction and improved accuracy.

The application can be deployed to meet a variety of CRM needs:

  • Customer portals — builds unified, user driven navigation of rich Web sites and customer service resources
  • Simplified database access — offers an alternative to report generation for dynamic access to database content
  • Intranet corporate portal search — provides internal document and intranet site search across the enterprise
  • Call center search — delivers quick access to answers to specific questions from multiple sources

One Step combines quick product implementation, scalability, and easy maintenance with lower cost of ownership and increased accuracy.

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