CRM on the iPad

Mark J

Updated · Feb 09, 2010

Adding geolocation to CRM could enable new and interesting forms of customer service.

ChannelWeb's Ed Moltzen looks at the potential for geolocation apps to arrive on the iPad, including solutions for CRM, productivity, and more.

" has been among the most aggressive enterprise software makers to embrace the iPhone platform," Moltzen writes. "Combining geolocation, the iPad and CRM could create incredible new ways to provide customer service and opportunity."

"Apple is definitely raising the bar for its competitors in driving more powerful functionality at a scale and cost of acquisition that could be yet another tectonic shift for use models," he adds. "Geolocation, as part of the mix, will challenge software makers and hardware vendors alike to tap into those use models in a big way."

Click on the following to read the ChannelWeb article: Geolocation, And Finding A Better App


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