CRM Software and E-mail Blasts

Mark J

Updated · Mar 30, 2010

At Network World, David Taber explores the challenges inherent in integrating CRM software with e-mail blasting tools and services.

"For a company of any size, it's critical to do a full two-way integration between the e-mail blaster's ‘bounce' and ‘opt-out/interest' tables with the CRM's e-mail address and topic-profile fields," Taber writes. "Unfortunately, this is only partly available off the shelf. Expect to write some triggers or data-translation code if you have to manage dozens of topics or product areas."

"Success of horizontal e-mail campaigns hinges on the quality of the list, and the relevance of the content," Taber adds. "The interest tables takes care of relevance… but the quality of your mailing list is trickier. Most purchased lists have very poor yield: the best mailing list in the world is the one you already have. It's the one stored in your CRM system. So groom it and manage it well."

Click on the following to read the Network World article: Optimize CRM for E-Mail Blasts

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