CRM Software Now Has a Voice

David Needle

Updated · Apr 18, 2001

“We firmly believe these applications will change the way companies do business.”

PeopleSoft Inc. has teamed up with JustTalk to release JustPractical with PeopleSoft CRM Sales application for eBusiness. Pleasanton, CA-based PeopleSoft is a leading provider of customer relationship management and other software designed for eBusiness.

The new software gives mobile professionals the ability to manage their personal and enterprise data — call management, to-do-list, memos, contact information and calendar management from anywhere, at anytime — through the telephone. JustPractical combines Nuance’s speech recognition technology with JustTalk’s Controlled Natural Language Engine to deliver what the company says is the most robust speech-enabled enterprise applications available. Fullerton, CA-based Alta Resources, an outsourcer of customer care, sales and marketing interaction center solutions, has signed on as an early customer.

“JustTalk is a key component of our broader CRM strategy as it extends our leadership position in bringing the power of CRM to the field,” said John Grozier, vice president o PeopleSoft CRM Product Strategy. He says the JustTalk interface is unique because it allows quick, intuitive data entry as well as retrieval. “We look forward to speech-enabling other PeopleSoft applications with JustTalk.”

The conversational interface is made possible by JustTalk’s proprietary speech engine, which can recognize billions of discrete user words and combinations. For example, the JustTalk Calendar Management function today supports 1.7 quintillion words and combinations.

So-called “opportunity management” functions such as sales call reports and forecasting are being added to JustTalk’s product next month.

“We are pleased to be the only company providing conversational applications to the enterprise,” said Richard Beedon, JustTalk founder and CEO. “We firmly believe these applications will change the way companies do business. Our beta testing confirmed our belief that accurately capturing and sharing information in the field, in a timely manner, is key in driving productivity improvement for mobile sales professionals and sales managers.”

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David Needle
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