Customer Relationship Management: Do You Know Your Customer?

Mark J

Updated · Jun 04, 2010

The first rule of business is ‘know your customer.’ So, how do you do that? The obvious answer is to move towards a CRM solution that enables you to consolidate customer interactions and sales activities. This article on Going Concern highlights the benefits of CRM solutions for your business.

“A real CRM system consolidates all of your company’s customer interactions and sales activities into one database. It enables sales and marketing to detail the entire sales process from Lead to Close. And now it’s the difference between “knowing your customer” and living in the dark ages.

For example, I have seen an instance where the CRM software operated as its own sphere of information. Then, we had the company financial information as its own separate sphere. To connect the sales pipeline info (from the CRM) to the financial results was a manual task.”

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