Database Tips for Business Intelligence Administration

Mark J

Updated · Jan 26, 2011

According to DataBase Journal, DW/BI (data warehouse / business intelligence) applications are a huge investment, but organizations do not always follow or have processes or procedures in place to manage communication, enhancements and troubleshooting.

“This is what happens when there is no process….chaos!

“I was assigned to an account primarily to work on streamlining a DW/BI application. I was struck by the fact that not only was there minimal documentation (that should have been my first sign) but also that there really were no processes or procedures to manage the application and its related components. I am speaking of change management, release management or communication management. So what do you think happened during the first release under my watch? Well here's what happened. As this was a data change at the source application, it meant that the entire set of processes to populate the data marts and generate reports had to be tested through and through. This battery of tests included the ETL cycle to ensure that there would be no issues in populating the data mart and the cube with the new source data. There also had to be testing of the reports impacted, as well as regression testing.”

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