DataFlux Lauches Data Management Platform Staff

Updated · Mar 02, 2010

Data management solutions provider DataFlux has introduced the DataFlux Data Management Platform, which offers centralized access to data quality, data integration and master data management (MDM) solutions.

"The DataFlux Data Management Platform, according to Daniel Teachey, senior director of marketing for DataFlux, will foster collaboration within the enterprise and unite both business and technical analysts under one interface," writes’s Lauren McKay.

"Teachey says, until now, data management efforts had been done on a very project basis," McKay writes. "For instance, an enterprise might have a group using a data quality tool in one department, and then another area such as sales or marketing would be using an MDM tool. The projects were disconnected. The new DataFlux platform, however, is a collaborative interface that allows teams to work together, share data rules, and advance in their efforts toward MDM."

"The announcement of the Data Management Platform is a benchmark event — not just for DataFlux, but also for the data management industry," says company president and CEO Tony Fisher. "Having data quality, data integration and MDM capabilities on a single, unified platform — with an interface that appeals to both business and IT users — will expand the reach of data management to more people in any organization."

"This platform is the realization of years of work at DataFlux, and we are proud to present a single-platform approach, all built by the same development staff using the same data management principles," Fisher says.

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