Dealerships Increase CRM Usage

Mark J

Updated · Sep 13, 2010

Fueled by a dip in new car sales, this Motor Trader article says that CRM usage has risen in dealerships. Also noted in the article is that research from Pinewood, the Pendragon-owned DMS, shows that the increase in CRM usage is mainly because dealers are looking to increase business from their existing customer base.

“‘As the fall in sales for July and August illustrated, many dealers are unlikely to be able to sustain new car sales at the level seen in the first part of this year when the scrappage scheme was in full effect, at least in the short-medium term,’ said Neville Briggs, Pinewood’s managing director.

“‘What we are seeing instead is a concerted effort from dealers to maximize business on three fronts: new cars, used cars and after sales. We are seeing evidence of increased and more sophisticated use of CRM for all of these.'”

Read the Full Story at Motor Trader

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