DIRECTV, eAssist Team On CRM For DSL Customers Staff

Updated · Aug 14, 2001

DIRECTV Broadband Monday answered its DSL customer service needs with the announcement that it is working with San Diego-based eAssist.

The new customer service solution from eAssist includes a multimedia intelligent queuing engine that intelligently routes email, chat and telephony to multi-functional agents with a consistent set of parameters.

Cupertino, Calif.-based DIRECTV Broadband (formerly Telocity and now a subsidiary of Hughes Electronics Corp. (NYSE:GMH)) says the latest technology, creates a 360-degree view of all its customers for all customer care functions, interactions and service history. All of this information is tracked in one place where customer service departments can get to it.

“We make ordering DSL seamless for the customer,” says DIRECTV Broadband senior vice president of service delivery and support Vicki Foshee. “But, to reduce installation times for the customer, we need to manage multiple vendors in disparate locations. Until now, much of this has been coordinated through a phone-intensive customer service department. Upgrading our online Customer Relationship Management tools will allow us to dramatically improve the experience our customers have when installing our service or when they experience a problem.”

The eAssist ASP-based service platform can even coordinate billing; schedule inside wiring appointments; manage the shipment of the company's gateway; and recognize, automatically, when new customers install their gateway.

“This new solution will enable us to share accurate and real time customer information on a comprehensive automated platform,” says Foshee. “We are well positioned for our aggressive growth plan for 2001 and beyond.”

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