Docucorp Launches Online Customer Correspondence Solution for Banks

Debra A.

Updated · May 04, 2001

Docucorp (Nasdaq: DOCC), a provider of enterprise information solutions, Thursday (May 3) announced a new customer correspondence application that enables banks and other financial service institutions to significantly improve the quality of their communications with customers, while reducing document handling, printing, and mailing costs.

This customer correspondence application is easy to install and maintain and runs over any Internet-capable browser.

"This new capability automates and personalizes customer correspondence by selecting and assembling predefined paragraphs, data sections, marketing messages and signatures, based on customer data," said William D. Barry, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Docucorp. "Bank employees can produce highly individualized and targeted correspondence with minimal effort, allowing them to spend more time doing what they do best – servicing the customer. With its Web-based architecture, this application will also be cost effective for banks to roll out and maintain."

The Internet/intranet connection permits customer service representatives to access a library of letters. Once the desired letter is selected, a data sheet is presented for entering information or text not contained in the customer database. Docucorp's solution automatically and immediately extracts data required for the letter from the customer database, merges the customer data with the information provided by the representative, and then displays a completed letter identical to the printed version so the service rep can review and approve it.

The representative either accepts or revises the letter, and then routes it for electronic distribution, e-mail, fax or traditional print and mail. Printing can be local or in batches at the bank's central high-speed print facility. Sending correspondence to a print facility eliminates time-consuming manual handling by customer service representatives, allowing them to serve more customers. It also results in significant cost savings by taking advantage of high-speed automated finishing equipment and postage discounts. The correspondence completes its cycle when an image is electronically archived for retrieval in the future when necessary.

"This application not only saves time, but also improves the accuracy and quality of communications, all while running in a flexible, cost-effective ‘thin client' environment," said Barry. “The effectiveness of this solution is such that Docucorp can extend it across all industries.”

Docucorp provides solutions for acquiring, managing, personalizing and presenting enterprise information. Servicing the entire enterprise information lifecycle, Docucorp's information software, application service provider (ASP) hosting and professional consulting services enable companies to implement solutions in-house or fully outsource to Docucorp. The company has an installed base of more than 900 customers, including many of the largest insurance, utility and financial services organizations.

Headquartered in Dallas, Docucorp has major facilities in Atlanta and Silver Spring, Md. The company also maintains offices in London, Portland, Maine, and Bedford, N.H.

Reprinted from ApplicationPlanet.

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