EarthLink Expands Use of Visual Network Products Staff

Updated · Nov 09, 2001

Internet service provider EarthLink is expanding its plans for Visual Networks, Inc.'s Visual IP InSigh performance management system to include future use by its EarthLink high speed Internet customers. The same back-end system used to support EarthLink's dial customers will be used to support its DSL and cable customers.

Visual IP InSight 5.5 enhances network performance and customer care for consumers using EarthLink's Fast Lane client software. EarthLink has been utilizing Visual IP InSight for its dial customers since 1998.

Visual IP InSight allows both wholesale and retail Internet service providers to create differentiated broadband service offerings easily by providing service level and network performance reporting to their customers. These issues are even more acute in a broadband environment, given the increased complexity of the underlying infrastructure and the customer service issues that broadband providers face.

Predominantly deployed at the edge of the network — closest to the end-user — the Rockville, Md.-based Visual Networks' products evaluate performance metrics and measure the service experience from the customer's perspective.

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