Electronic Customer Relationship Management Analytics

Mark J

Updated · Feb 23, 2011

Following an in-depth look at the significant role of data integration in electronic customer relationship management (e-CRM) analytics, This B-Eye Network article elaborates on research methodology and organizational implications.

“An initial survey instrument containing 17 questions was reviewed by three industry professionals to ensure appropriate and unambiguous content. The objective of this survey was to gain insight into the various data sources organizations integrate and to reveal that despite its complexity, data collection and integration for electronic customer relationship management can create value for an organization. Respondents were asked to identify benefits they had achieved or expected to achieve from their e-CRM project. Specifically, we probed responders on specific data integration procedures in their organization such as number of data sources integrated, integration of online and offline sources, integration of external data, data refresh rates and whether these data sources were centralized (in a data warehouse) or decentralized.”

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