Eloqua Discover for Salesforce.com Now Available

Mark J

Updated · Oct 05, 2010

Marketing automation solution provider, Eloqua, has announced that Eloqua Discover for Salesforce.com
(NYSE:CRM) is now available on AppExchange 2. According to the company in this Market Wire news release, Eloqua Discover is designed to help sales teams identify, prioritize, track and convert the most active and interested prospects and accounts. The
company also says that the application interprets a prospect's unique interests and then enables sales to closely track and engage with them based on these interests.

“Through automated identification and prioritization of the most active prospects, Eloqua Discover for Salesforce.com allows sales teams to quickly identify which prospects are most likely to make purchases. The application leverages Eloqua Profiler to provide sales executives with an interactive view of the hottest prospects and accounts, based on the lead's Web activity, form submissions and interaction with marketing promotions. Eloqua Discover for Salesforce.com also displays account-level activity, enabling reps to identify personnel who may be influencing the purchasing decision. Equipped with real-time insights into a prospect or company's level of engagement, sales teams can target the right prospect at precisely the right moment.”

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