Empowering Employees to Leverage Business Intelligence

Mark J

Updated · Nov 23, 2010

For HEROes (highly empowered and resourceful operatives) busines sintelligence (BI) is a key technology. As reported on BeyeNetwork, business intelligence helps these employees make sense of the mountains of data that they have to deal with and also allows them to make smarter decisions faster.

“Rather than fighting the never-ending battle of self-provisioned BI applications, BI business users have no choice but to start fulfilling a significant portion of their own BI requirements using BI technologies that can enable BI self-service and empower BI HEROes.

“But how does one become an enterprise BI HERO? The traditional BI support model with heavy reliance on IT is just not sustainable in the long term. As a result, more and more organizations turn to tools and technologies that will allow them to reduce dependence on IT and enable BI self-service by business users. Indeed, self-service features of BI applications can turn a “BI requester” into a BI HERO. But when trying to self-serve most or even some of their daily BI needs, these HEROes run into a different challenge for a couple of reasons.”

Read the Full “Self-Service Key to Creating Enterprise Business Intelligence HEROes” Story at BeyeNetwork

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