Energy Companies See Electronic Billing As An Effective CRM Tool Staff

Updated · Dec 21, 2000

PRINCETON, NJ–Thanks to competition and deregulation, energy companies are increasingly
using electronic billing as a way to attract and hold on to customers.

According to a white paper published by Montgomery Research, Ronald W. Averett, president
and COO of Princeton eCom, says energy companies and other utilities should adopt an
Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) strategy. This way, Averett says, they can
achieve the cost reduction and customer service demands of deregulated marketplaces.

“While streamlining the billing and payments process and increasing the accuracy and speed
of payments are powerful reasons to implement an electronic billing and payment solution,
the real promise of EBPP lies in its ability to revolutionize utility CRM operations,”
Averett wrote.

The white paper was published in “The Utilities Project: The Impact of Competition.” The
entire white paper can be obtained at

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