Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Predictions for 2011

Mark J

Updated · Dec 27, 2010

Some aspects of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software landscape, such as tired legacy code-bases and disastrous implementation projects, may never go away. But, according to this Network World article, in recent years, the pace of change with ERP has accelerated, and there all signs are that will continue in 2011.

“While ERP vendors have been making moves toward cloud computing for some years now, the situation will get serious in 2011 as customers demand that option, according to Frank Scavo, managing principal of the IT strategy firm Strativa.

“‘As cloud-based solutions for CRM, HR, and other functional areas gain market share, many ERP prospects will ask why they can't have their entire ERP suite in the cloud,' he said via e-mail recently.

“Some vendors are already trying to provide the cloud experience, simply by porting their software to public cloud services like Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud or selling them via subscription, he said.”

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