Enterprises May Be Missing Out on Business Analytics

Thor Olavsrud

Updated · Aug 27, 2010

According to new data from Deloitte, enterprises seem to be missing out on the benefits of business intelligence and other analytical tools that enable them to leverage the massive amounts of data at their disposal. As reported in this
CIO Update story, this is the findings from a Deloitte gathered the information from more than 1,900 participants during an Aug. 5 webcast, “Business Analytics: Shifting from Hindsight to Insight to Foresight.”

The report also suggests that nearly a third of technology executives and business professionals say they don’t know whether their organization uses business analytics or if their organizations have business analytics capabilities at all.

“‘These responses clearly show that, although organizations understand the value of business analytics, most are still struggling with fundamental technical and business process foundations that will allow their organization to implement and use business analytics in a strategic and sustainable way,’ Lucker said.

“‘That emerging understanding and pent-up demand is why these types of investments are going to continue to explode and the demand for business analytics capabilities will continue to increase in the coming months and years,’ he added.”

Read the Full “Deloitte – 33% of Firms Missing Out on Business Analytics” Story at CIO Update

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