e-point for the Banking Industry

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Updated · Jun 08, 2001

by eCRMGuide.com Staff

Point Information Systems, Inc., a global provider of electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) solutions, has released e-point Financial Services. The industry specific solution utilizes features of the company's established e-point product, allowing banks to identify sales opportunities and limit customer attrition.

Customer-centric e-point enables companies and their partners to interact with their customers and prospects across any stage of the customer lifecycle and over any assisted or unassisted channel via any interaction media. The adapted retail solution, e-point Financial Services, uses built-in cross-selling and up-selling capabilities that queue agents to pitch complementary product lines to potential customers, while also forecasting possible defections.

Red flags, such as unusual or large withdrawals, are conveyed to the bank, allowing for customer loss prevention. In the event that a customer decides to take their business elsewhere, e-point Financial Services helps banks profile and target competitors and optimize their customer retrieval strategies.

Additional features include: support for common banking activities such as bill payments, transfers, balance inquiries and statement requests; the ability to integrate back-office systems and data, producing a single view for each customer interaction; customer contact via phone, fax, Web, personal digital assistants (PDA), or WAP phones — 24 hours a day, seven days a week; customized offerings via a specific delivery channel; and sophisticated analytical capabilities that help marketers identify high value customers as campaign targets.

e-point Financial Services enforces the security policies and procedures that are crucial to the banking industry, such as links to banks' security infrastructures (PIN and encryption schemes), whiles supporting x.509 digital certificates.

“This product's ability to deliver vastly enhanced cross- and up-selling power, to control and minimize attrition, and give new muscle to ‘customer-clawback' activities will make a huge difference to banking efficiency and profitability,” said Jonathan Clarke, Point's director of financial services. “Just as importantly, customers will welcome the personal, single-view banking experience that e-point Financial Services gives them. It allows every customer to have a service tailored to their individual needs — and the ability to do that in real time is what differentiates a bank that learns and cares about its customers from one that simply regards them as a name and number on an account. It's how profitable lifetime customer relationships are built.”

Deployed in 18 languages in 35 countries, Point's products are used by mid-to-large sized organizations and multi-national companies, including Allianz Group, Brann, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Dah Sing Bank, Deutsche Bank, Verizon Communications, Liberty Mutual, Maybank, MetLife, Newton Fund Managers, Overseas Union Bank, Virgin Mobile, and many others worldwide. Point has international offices in Boston, Dublin, London, Munich and Singapore.

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