Experian Launches CreditExpert.com

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Updated · Aug 22, 2001

One of the big three major national credit bureaus Monday launched its own site devoted to customers interested in educating themselves about and managing their credit.

The site: CreditExpert.com will be run by U.K.-based Experian, which has offices in Orange, Calif., via a joint venture with Encore Marketing International.

Once at the site, consumers can access personal credit reports, credit scores, premium credit management and monitoring services and an extensive variety of financial tools and educational content to help consumers understand, monitor and manage their personal credit.

“Our joint venture with Encore is an exciting development,” says Steve Krenzer, COO of Experian’s E-commerce solutions business unit and CEO of Credit Expert. “We’ve been actively pursing the best way to move into a direct-to-consumer role and Encore is a tremendous partner. Together, we are delivering services allowing consumers to play a more active role in managing their personal finances.”

Through the Web site, Credit Expert will offer a subscription to its new Credit Manager service. For an annual subscription of $79, Credit Manager members have unlimited access to their credit report and credit score, as well as personalized interactive tools to help them understand, manage and improve their credit.

In addition, Credit Manager members receive instant e-mail notifications when changes are made to their credit file, serving as an early warning of identity theft or fraud.

If there are discrepancies, members can then initiate an investigation online of inaccurate or incomplete information of their credit report, and track the progress through the final results of the investigation.

Equifax and Trans Union are the other two major national credit bureaus.

Reprinted from la.internet.com.

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