Experian� Launches TruvueSM

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Updated · May 30, 2001

by eCRMGuide.com Staff

Experian®, a global provider of information solutions, has released its customer data integration (CDI) system — TruvueSM. Developed to link information from dissimilar databases and across organizations, Truvue enables companies to offer personalized, knowledgeable customer service. Based on current information about each customer, a thorough picture of the total customer relationship can be determined through Truvue’s technology.

Truvue was built using Experian’s 25 years of credit reporting and marketing data management and integration technology experience in the United States and the United Kingdom. The CDI system will leverage Experian’s expertise of integrating consumer data to meet highly stringent demands for accuracy, timeliness and privacy. Truvue is based on the same core technology that Experian uses within its own operations to accurately integrate data and consumer information from over 10,000 data sources internationally.

Customer records are matched by Truvue and integrated between the customer records maintained in disparate databases across the client’s organization. Additionally, Truvue will streamline the process for enhancing internal data by accessing Experian’s intelligent reference database, a vast historical consumer information repository. Records can also be enhanced with up-to-the-second demographic information by linking to Experian’s proprietary data repositories from Experian.

“With such a small percentage of companies effectively integrating data, it is imperative that future efforts focus on leveraging the data that companies already have,” says Craig Smith, president and chief executive officer of Experian North America. “Truvue offers a practical, accurate process for managing customer data and helps companies ensure that every customer interaction is consistent and appropriate.” “By combining Experian’s core CDI technology with our vast name and address information, Truvue provides companies with an unmatched ability to integrate customer information accurately and to do so in real time,” says Smith.

Experian is a subsidiary of the Great Universal Stores O.K. and is headquartered in Nottingham, UK, and Orange, Calif. The company uses the power of information to help its clients target prospective customers, manage existing customer relationships and identify opportunities for profitable growth.

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