Extended Systems Acquires AppReach

dc.internet.com Staff

Updated · Feb 25, 2002

Extended Systems , a provider of mobile data management and wireless connectivity solutions, has acquired AppReach, Inc., a small firm based in Baltimore, Md. specializing in the development of enterprise software that extends customer resource management (CRM) applications to mobile and wireless devices. Extended Systems issued approximately 34,000 shares of common stock in the acquisition of AppReach.

AppReach has designed its wireless packaged CRM application from the ground up to handle out-of-coverage challenges of being wireless. A sales representative at a customer meeting, for example, can instantly retrieve his CRM data that AppReach already wirelessly delivered to his RIM wireless handheld, without having to worry if wireless coverage is available.

“We see an increasing need from our enterprise customers to deploy critical corporate applications to mobile devices,” said Holmes Lundt, vice president of corporate development for the Boise, Idaho-based Extended Systems. “Our acquisition of AppReach is in line with Extended Systems’ strategy to broaden our offering of mobile solutions and it enables us to bring additional mobile development solutions to our customers sooner.”

Founded in 1984, Extended Systems’ products include data synchronization and management software and short-range wireless connectivity products (Bluetooth and IrDA-compliant) and client/server database management system with remote capabilities. The company’s customers and key relationships include Palm, 3Com, IBM, Microsoft, Compaq, Handspring, Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson, Hewlett-Packard, Sharp, NEC, and Toshiba.

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