Finding Relationships in Customer Transactions

Mark J

Updated · Apr 21, 2010

Customer Dynamics is an emerging theory on customer-business relationships that looks at the relationships between organizations and customers from an interpersonal viewpoint. As detailed in this CRM Buyer article, customer dynamics goes beyond the transactional nature of the interaction to look at emotions, intent and desires. It views interactions as a chain of events rather than single point occurrences.

“Intent is the engine that powers Customer Dynamics, on the business' side as well as the customers'. Customers contact an organization with a purpose — to resolve a billing issue, overcome a problem or explore changing their service, for example. Organizations also bring intent into the equation. They are likely to want to manage their bottom line, outmaneuver the competition and secure long-term revenue growth.

“From the customer side, intent is what initiates the interaction and serves as a gauge for success. From the organization side, it controls the flow and ultimately the outcome. These intents are not necessarily conflicting, but there may be conflict when a business fails to understand the nature of its customers' intent.”

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