Free CRM Software Available From Cell-CRM

Mark J

Updated · Jan 13, 2011

Start-up is offering
free CRM (customer relationship management) software that has no built-in limits on the number of users, customers or contacts. The company’s news release on PR Newswire claims that Cell CRM offers three versions at log in: two options are optimized for conventional cell phones with web browsers and the third full version option requires a Javascript-enabled browser in a smart phone or on a computer.

“Both telephone-dialing URI schemes are supported, Tel and Callto. Cell phones and computers dial the number of a clicked link. International telephone numbers are supported. Authorized users can export a query to a spreadsheet for e-mail and snail-mail campaigns.

“Cell CRM deploys easily. Simply upload it to the web and it’s ready for use. The administration area provides for configuration. Organizations and contacts import from a spreadsheet. A report identifies potential duplicate organization records.

“Included sample information allows testers to begin to evaluation of the CRM software right away. Instructions are in the program and on the web site.”

Read the Full Story at PR Newswire

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