Frost & Sullivan’s Second Annual CRM Conference & Exhibition In January Staff

Updated · Dec 13, 2000

NEW YORK–Over the past year, businesses have
touted the importance of building a customer-centric strategy to drive sales and create added
value for their customers.

Unfortunately, companies have been left in the dark as to how to implement a successful CRM initiative into their existing plans.
At Frost & Sullivan’s Second Annual Customer Relationship Management Conference & Exhibition, taking place Jan. 21-25,
2001 in Scottsdale, Ariz., attendees will be privy to the latest techniques and tips that companies have used to reinvent

Cisco has seen the benefits of a CRM-based strategy firsthand. By reinventing its organization to encompass its varied
customer base, Cisco has been able to lead in nearly all technology sectors it competes in. Karthik Krishnamurthy, manager of
Customer Care and eCommerce will present the CRM model that Cisco has used to reinvent its company culture and increase
sales in the process.

CRM strategies require complete audits of current organizational practices. Jerry Moe, Global CRM manager for Dow
Corning will expose how companies must re-evaluate their customers, their needs and how their organizations currently handle
their business relationships .

Complete access to customer information is a vital part of a complete CRM adoption. Julie Pederson, Strategic Marketing
Programs manager for Palm explains how an evolved sales force automation platform allows your sales team unparalleled
customer information and support capabilities. Attendees will discover that the future of CRM will allow your organization to
always be able to know your customers’ habits, needs and wants at all times.

As the global markets become more and more complex, the same rules still apply…give your customers what they want and
they will come. At Frost & Sullivan’s Second Annual Customer Relationship Management Conference & Exhibition, attendees
will learn that CRM opens new doors to remain competitive.

Who Should Attend:

        CEOs, Presidents, & Directors
        Business Development Professionals
        Strategic Planning Professionals
        Global Sales Management
        Marketing Management
        Product Management
        Information Management Professionals
        CRM practitioners
        Market Research Management
        Industry Consultants

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Sponsorship/Exhibition: Gary Robbins, 212/652-2749, [email protected]

Press Passes, Media Inquiries: Erika Brown, 212/652-2705, [email protected]

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