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Paul Ferrill

Updated · Mar 25, 2011

Open source ERP software vendor OpenERP has launched an online apps librarywith more than 1,000 free applications.

The OpenERP-based applications are all open source, and range from complete applications like CRM, accounting, project management and inventory management to specific applications like fleet management, marketing campaign automation, eCommerce integration and point-of-sale.

OpenERP Apps also includes vertical applications related to specific sectors, such as applications for managing hotels, auction houses, training centers, book stores and manufacturing industries.

The applications in the library are broken down into areas like finance, human resources, manufacturing, project management, purchasing, warehousing and sales, following typical ERP system organization.

The OpenERP apps are developed collaboratively by OpenERP partners, customers or members of the community, and are growing at a rate of 30 a month. The development of the applications is organized on Launchpad, Ubuntu's development platform, and the best applications are quality certified and maintained by OpenERP SA.

To speed the development process, the OpenERP community is organized into teams with different roles, including translators, experts and localization teams, while the quality team from OpenERP SA is in charge of reviewing all code and merge proposals before integrating improvements in the official distribution of OpenERP.

For more on OpenERP, see OpenERP Offers ERP in the Cloud

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