Google Takes Customer Relationship Management Seriously

Mark J

Updated · Dec 06, 2010

Revealing that it changed its search result requirements to try and avoid ranking businesses that supply poor customer service, this TMCNet report states that Google has tried to diffuse the situation that has become an alarming reality: When vendors treat their customers like dirt, they get great search results.

“So it’s definitely a good thing that Google is taking customer relationship management (CRM) more seriously. It’s just a plain fact that you only get lasting business from taking the utmost care of your customers. And when you think about it, the hits Borker got on Google would have led to the worst reviews anyways, so there was no real sense to his logic anyway. Tehrani added, ‘providing good service levels is more important now than ever. Be sure you end up getting written about in the New York Times for the correct reasons.’ We couldn’t agree more.”

Read the Full Story at TMCNet

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