Greenberg Social Mainstream CRM Watch List

Mark J

Updated · Jan 10, 2011

According to Paul Greenberg in the latest installment of the 2011 CRM Watch List this year the CRM market has reaches its “teenage years” which has contributed to three times as many submissions for the
Watch list. In Part 4 the social mainstream companies, including Jive, Radian6 and Kickapps are over-viewed.

“Kickapps. Hmmm. I'm putting a company on this list that I never met anyone from. They've made no attempt to ever contact me. (Sniff. I'm hurt. I'm just so hurt. )They don't show up much in the ‘official mind share channels' (a group I just made up). Yet…here they are.

“Why? Because, when it gets down to it, this company is SOLID. Really SOLID. Meaning they have a SOLID portfolio that with the release of their 5.0 version they call a ‘Social CMS' system, (I'll ignore their claim of ‘industry's first' which really is neither here nor there).”

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