Guaranteed CRM Staff

Updated · Aug 30, 2001

Interact Commerce Corporation’s SalesLogix QuickStart is offering a money-back guarantee to its small business customers if the customer relationship management (CRM) solution is not fully implemented and operational within 30 days or they will provide a 50 percent discount on software and services.

Pat Sullivan, CEO Interact Commerce, is confident in the functionality of SalesLogix QuickStart: “Not only does QuickStart offer shared risk since we have a 50 percent investment on the line, but it guarantees the customer will be up and running in 30 days, it eliminates the technical resources issue by providing a dedicated DBA, and this implementation gives them a strong CRM foundation to build upon.”

SalesLogix QuickStart is being marketed as a quickly implemented CRM system for up to 10 users at an affordable price. “We developed the QuickStart program to address the specific requirements of small businesses that need to take that next step to CRM, but may not have the time, money, or technical resources for a full-scale CRM evaluation and implementation,” said Sullivan.

The cost for five and 10 users is priced at $20,000 and $25,000, respectively, and includes software; rapid implementation in 30 days or less; full technical support and online training services; and a remote administrator for the first 90 days to help with transition to CRM.

The application is built on the foundation of — a full-service suite that includes sales, marketing, support, e-commerce, Web phone and Palm components.

Interact Commerce Corporation provides relationship management software for mid-market companies and small-office/home-office businesses. Products include SalesLogix®, in use by over 3,500 companies; and ACT!TM, the popular contact manager that is used by more than 3.2 million professionals and 11,000 corporations.

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