Higher Gear Announces New Automotive CRM Module

Mark J

Updated · Mar 15, 2011

The Higher Gear Group has released its latest tool designed to simplify the sales process. As noted by the company in this PR Newswire release, eZAppraise leverages the power of The Higher Gear Group's simple and easy-to-use CRM and DeskLog interface with real-time market data allowing “Bull's-eye Pricing” of trade-in vehicles.

“eZAppraise consolidates traditional book values, market price analysis and market penetration data in an intuitive and efficient interface. Integration with The Higher Gear Group's CRM tool allows managers to see and interact with current in-market prospects.

“No longer will managers be required to thumb through books, search the Internet, or double-enter information into another tool. eZAppraise takes the information entered by the salesperson, does the research, and presents not only the raw data, but also recommendations to the sales managers. The Higher Gear Group leverages all the data collected by its automotive CRM software by tracking prospects looking via showroom, phone and Internet opportunities. Dealers using The Higher Gear Group eZWeb product, will additionally track click through data for an additional view of current market interest. This data is instantly with eZAppraise to give managers a new unique view of what potential shoppers are currently looking at.”

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