HootSuite Expands CRM Offering

EnterpriseAppsToday.com Staff

Updated · Feb 17, 2010

The company describes the upgraded features as a social CRM tool.

HootSuite has introduced new functionality to its service, adding the ability to track and manage social specific campaigns. The company, which launched with a focus on Twitter, has more recently added other platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

"HootSuite's upgraded platform gives users the capability to not only develop and push social messages to social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all from one location, but also allows them to gain a better understanding of the audience that the messages are reaching," writes VentureBeat's Cody Barbierri. "The company is calling the upgraded features a ‘Social CRM' tool and says it is targeting marketers, news networks and music labels looking to have a better understanding of its online audience and be able to track multiple campaigns."

"More specifically, the tool will look at the audiences influence, reach, activity levels and what techniques work best to interact with the social influencers who might follow a company and digest its messages," Barbierri writes. "The upgraded features also give insight into which messages are resonating best through tracking URLS using Ominture and Google Analytics, analytic tools that can track link usage and give added insight into outreach."

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