How Mobile CRM Changes the Game Plan for Brands

Mark J

Updated · Mar 02, 2011

Faster than any other technology in the last decade, mobile is changing the game for brands. This MediaPost article suggests that mobile has raised expectations for consumers, who now have 24/7 access to your brand and the entire category landscape. In fact, the greater the bandwidth, the higher the expectations consumers have of our apps, our mobile sites, our emails and text alerts.

“A fundamental shift must occur. CRM needs to move from the database marketer’s desk to the CMO’s radar. It can’t be a back-office function; it needs to be a front-office, customer-facing strategy. And it needs to be social.

“New channels have emerged, but the basic principles of CRM don’t change. When someone buys something (especially for the first time), he or she enters into an open-ended relationship with that brand. Brands must be ready to capture that customer’s experience and start to understand what makes them tick.

“Choosing the right mobile touchpoint is key. And that largely depends on who you’re trying to engage. SMS, for instance, has the widest reach and loyalty apps can bring real value to the customer experience, but do they make sense for your product or service?”

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